Have you ever

taken down a pot from you pot rack

and the hook comes with it?


The hook drops into the stew you’re making

and you have to fish the hook out

and you burn your fingers and…

All because you forgot

to stock up on crutch tips.

No more hook/stew with the CLOUD LIFT pot rack.

With all the trouble I went to designing a pot rack

that solved the lid problem, I wasn’t about

to put up with the hook problem.

First I tried bending the hook

so it would fit tightly against the side rail-

but now it left scratches in the wood.

 I had some clear tubing in the shop so I cut

a short piece and slipped it over the end of the hook.

That helped, but I needed something  thicker so

I went to Wink’s Hardware in SE Portland.

Michael told me about CRUTCH TIPS

crutch tips


If the tips are only 1/2″ long,

how big are the crutches and who uses 

crutches that small?

But I digress.

I took some of the tips back to the shop,

slipped them over the ends of the hooks,

and then tried the hooks out on the pot rack.

PERFECT FIT- the hooks stay on the rack

without scratching the wood.