If you’re looking for a pot rack made of wood

you can find one for around $200.

Many of these racks are made of 4 straight pieces of

wood connected at the corners with metal brackets.

That means the rack can be shipped flat (un-assembled),

then put back together in your kitchen.




 Racks like these are functional,

but not very big on design. And you’ll still need

a ladder to get to your lids on top of the metal grid.


The CLOUD LIFT pot rack comes …partially.. assembled.

                            I do all the work in my shop.



pot rack is made from 8 pieces of wood-

an inner frame and an outer one.


You can see the 4 parts of the outer frame in the

photo below, the 2 long sides


                                 beech pot rack

                       and the 2 ends that have the Cloud Lift motif.


                                    Here’s the  pot rack frame without the slats.


The inner frame is made up of ;


-the 2 adjustment rails ( the narrow strips with all the holes )

-the 2 ends (the bottom one has a cut-out like the slats)




I’m a furniture-maker,

so when crafting my pot racks I use the same techniques

 I employ when making a desk or a cabinet.


First I cut  a 1/4″ groove

in all the pieces. Then I mill a number of splines-

the 1/4″ thick pieces of beech

– see photo above.

Now I’m ready to assemble the pot rack.


beech pot rack

First I connect the ends of the inner and outer frame.

I put glue into both grooves, fit the spline and clamp the assembly together.



beech pot rack


Next the adjustment rails are glued to the 30″ long sides.


Add glue and clamp together for an hour at room temperature.

 Now the inner and outer assemblies are brought together.

beech pot rack

I add a 50mm hex head screw to re-inforce the

connection between the end and the side.

mahogany pot rack


     Now you see why the Cloud Lift pot rack


cannot be shipped un-assembled. Think of all the glue,

clamps, assembly fixtures etc. you’d need to put it together.




The CLOUD LIFT  pot rack

comes assembled with 7 slats screwed into the adjustment rails.

 You’ll probably have to re-position the slats to accommodate your lids.




cherry pot rack

The CLOUD LIFT  pot rack FRAME

comes fully assembled. Obviously the hanging assembly

(the 4 metal braces and the attached wood bar) have to be shipped flat.


cherry pot rack

For more instructions go to; OWL HOOTS.