but OWL HOOTS, a specialty hardware item.




It’s really a fancy nut and bolt.

When I used these  to connect cabinets we called them case

connectors or sex-bolts, but when I bought a box of them

from Gordy at General Threaded in SE Portland he

called them OWL HOOTS which sounds much better.

The CLOUD LIFT pot rack FRAME comes fully assembled.

After you’ve adjusted your slats, it’s time to attach the upper part-

the hanging assembly to the frame below.



Cloud Lift-12


You’ll be connecting the 4 black metal braces to the

Hanger bar -(the long wooden beam that has the large hooks

attached to the top) with 2 OWL HOOTS.


 it will look like this-_DSC0342

SO GRAB AN  OWL HOOT, 2 metal braces and the hanger bar.

Push the bolt through the hole in the top of the metal brace

and then into the hole in the hanger bar.

Note; the top of the brace is labelled with a “T”


Now take the 2nd brace and from the other side of the hanger bar

push the nut through the hole in the brace and into the hole.

This is easier with a helper.



Now simply thread the bolt into the nut and

tighten with the 2 Allen wrenches.



The CLOUD LIFT pot rack comes with (2) 4mm Allen wrenches.

use 1 to tighten the bolt and the other to keep the

nut from turning.

Now repeat all this with the other 2 braces.

DID YOU NOTICE that the hanger bar has 4 holes in it?

The 2 holes near the outer ends of the hanger bar are for

the large S-hooks- so be sure and use the inner

holes for the owl hoots.


The rest is easy but don’t let your helper go just yet.

You want to position this upper assembly over the rack

below without scratching the wood.

Now take 1 of the round head Philps screws ( Mr. Henry F. Philips

was from Portland) and put it through the hole in the bottom

of the brace and into the pre-drilled hole in the frame.


Do the same with the other 3 screws and you’re done.