Pot Rack


is the only rack on the market that makes both the

pots and the lids easily accessible.

Cloud Lift

You bought a pot rack,

and now you can show off your fancy kitchen-ware, plus

you now have 3-4 drawers free to use for other things.

But where do you put the lids?

Some pot racks have a metal grid attached to the inside

of the rack where you can place your lids.

Here’s a typical pot rack.pot rack with grid

But if you hang the rack high enough to avoid

bumping your head on the pots,

you’ll never be able to reach the lids without a ladder.

The CLOUD LIFT pot rack

has solved that problem.


The slats have a cut-out in the middle big enough

for the knob or handle of the lid.

Raise the lid up and have the knob pass through the cut-out.


Next slide the lid over

so the knob rests on the main part of the slat.

Such a simple design solution, yet no one else

has found a way to address this lid problem.



Lids come in different shapes and sizes. My solution was

-make the slats in 2 different widths

– make the spaces between the slats adjustable

I added 2 more pieces of wood to the inside of the rack –

the adjustment rails,

and drilled holes every 3/8″.

You change the spacing of the slats to-

fit the small flat lid (2nd lid from the left)

Cloud Lift-3 (1)

or the large domed lid (2nd lid from the right).

Racks are made of-

Cloud Lift-12


beech or

Cloud Lift

African mahogany

The standard model measures

32″ long, 23″ wide and 15″ tall- big enough for 10

pots and 9 lids.

It comes with chains and 2 large S-hooks to hang the rack.


and 10 pot hooks.


The CLOUD LIFT pot rack

can be customized,

made longer and wider to hold more pots and lids

Woods other than beech and African Mahogany

are available at an additional cost

the STANDARD MODEL  in beech or mahogany is